How to Apply

Entire admission process step by step 

Step 1

The admission process is now governed by the education board for the students seeking admission to the XI Standard with an online process,  the students are now offered a choice of subjects that they wish to pursue in commerce.

Kindly follow the below steps for the admission process.

Step 2

Congratulation for a successfully completed step 1, now you have to download the form related to your course, fill it and then scan it.  After scanning you can proceed to step 3

F.Y.J.C Form

S.Y.J.C Form

F.Y.B.COM Form

S.Y.B.COM Form

T.Y.B.COM Form

F.Y.B.A.F Form

S.Y.B.A.F Form

T.Y.B.A.F Form

F.Y.B.M.S Form

S.Y.B.M.S Form

T.Y.B.M.S Form

Step 3

Congratulation for successfully completing step 2, now you have to upload the filled form from the below tab. (please note that the file size should not exceed then 100kb.