Bachelor's In accounting and finance


Due to rapid growth of the MSME sector, qualified finance professionals are always going to be a challenge for any industry.

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (B.A.F) is a three year undergraduate course that offers in-depth knowledge in accounting and finance.

The course primarily educates the student with accounting and financial theories, good blend of projects, case studies and industrial visits to enable a student to get exposed with the functioning of the industry.

At the end of the qualification attained, the student will be well versed with most of the Accounting functions of Business and will be able to see a career as a Professional. 

The course helps aspirants to understand the concepts of Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Risk Management, Managerial Economics, Business law, and Business Communication.

The course supports the student understanding and  comprehend the terminology associated with Finance. At the end of the degree course, the student will be equipped with most of the Accounting functions of Business and will be able to seek a career as a professional.



3 Years.

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Full Time

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Charni Road - Mumbai


Lilavati Lalji Dayal College of Commerce
College Code - 1079


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The B.A.F  Course exposes to specific nuances of the Accounting world . This Course will be a stepping stone to pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant or any field which is related to Finance  

Course Curriculum

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Process for Admission

Admission Process


Collect & fill the admission form during office hours


Submit the form along with the necessary documents


Pay the fees by Cash/Pay Order or NEFT (Online Transfer)


Collect the receipt from the office counter

Congrats ! Your have successfully completed the admission process.


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Other Courses

Seeing the demand for professional courses the institution did not rest on its achievements and in the year 2020-2021 received the recognition from the Mumbai University to offer Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) and Bachelor of Management studies (B.M.S).






asked questions

Can a student who has ATKT in the 1st and 2nd year progress to the next year ?

The student can appear for his/her Third year examination but will not the degree till the times he clear his previous ATKT’S

Is their a cut off on number of subjects he/she has to passed or promoted to next year ?

A student cannot have more than 3 ATKT’S in one semester . If he gets more than 3 then he will have to repeat the year.

Can a student change from one stream to the other eg. B. Com to B.M.S or B.A.F in the 2nd year ?

No, the student cannot change the Second year if he/she wants to do so the student needs to start again from the first semester and complete all six semesters in the same stream .

How many attempts are allowed to a student to clear his ATKT ?

A student can give the ATKT exam twice . If he fails in ATKT Exams HE/SHE entitled to appear for cross ATKT Exam .

Can a student enroll for the first year in any course an take a break for one year and join again in second year ?

This is possible but one needs to submit the GAP Certificate .

Can a student not attend the whole year and appear for the exams by stating that he/she is working ?

As per the University Guidelines 75% Attendance is Mandatory. 

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